Tom Sawyer, Twenty Years Later…

Tom Sawyer, now about the age of thirty five, has finally left the freedom of his adolescence in the past, and settled down.  For his age has caught up with him.  He has married a girl of the name Betsy Roberts.  They have three children, Samantha who is eight years old, Mary who is nine years old, and Joseph who is twelve.  He has become mayor of St. Petersburg.  He has been such an upstanding citizen, he put his mind on the bigger picture; the community.

Tom puts the towns taxes towards good use.  He has fixed up town buildings, cleans up the bars (no town should be known for drinking problems), worked on group housing for the less fortunate, and for anyone just passing through looking for a place to sleep.  On the plantations, he has talked to the owners about letting the slaves be freed, and hire them back.  Most refused, but some did agree.

Jim works with Tom in the office.  They have become great friends over the years.  Jim has been reunited with his daughter and they live right down the street from Tom.  Neither has seen or heard anything about Huck since he went exploring new territories.  They figure he has been put in jail along the way.

The only trouble Tom has gotten into was that he started drinking for a while.  A heavy drinker at that.  It was when he lost his job as a teacher at the community school in Hookerville.  Then he moved to St. Petersburg.  He ended up almost murdering his wife over a stupid fight, but he stopped himself and changed his life for the better.

Tom now attends mass regularly.  He sees the church as a home away from home.  A place for him to get away from everyone for some peace and quiet.  Tom also teaches Sunday school after mass for the children.  He has a good sense of friendship among the entire community now.

He spent every waking moment trying to make things satisfactory.  Tom did as much as he could to be a part of his children’s lives.  The whole family did everything together.  Saturday picnics in the park and walks every morning.

Then one day, Betsy woke up and Tom was not next to her.  He had left in the middle of the night.  She called the police and there was a search party set up.  They searched for 3 weeks straight.  Still no Tom.  The search was called to a stop.  The town gave up and declared he was dead.  The funeral was the next evening.  Just with pictures, and everyone in town brought something to put in the coffin as a memory.  The town just lived life as well as they could and soon didn’t talk about him anymore.

But Tom never died.  He ran away.  He went to find Huck.  He started out in the middle of the night and took as much food as he could and put it in his pockets.  He traveled south until he came to the town of Smithville.  There he was in a bar and he overheard someone say the name Huck.  Tom jumped up and asked him where they had last seen Huck and where he could find him.  The man told him about an hour west of here.

Day and night Tom traveled, sleeping in the woods.  He came upon a town named Braham.  He stayed there a month, because it was a rather large town and had very friendly people.  The people got used to seeing him around the stores and other places.  They considered him a member.

Tom went for a walk one day in the woods to admire the scenery, when right in front of him was a shack.  Just some place to get through the rainy nights.  He saw a younger man, but he looked old because he was not clean.  Tom went up and started talking to him and asking him questions.  He soon got to realize that his search was over.  This man was his childhood friend.

Huck couldn’t believe his eyes.  He had finally been reunited with his best friend.  Tom had invited him to come home to his family with him, Huck accepted.  They reminisced for what seems like forever.  When they returned to St. Petersburg, they whole town looked in dismay.  They couldn’t believe their eyes;  but they were extremely happy. It was only a few weeks later that they became unhappy.  Huck hated to be civilized, and Tom didn’t want to see his friend sad.

They created a plan to run away.  Tom stayed up late at night and wrote a letter to his wife and kids, apologizing and trying to explain why they were leaving.  They wanted it to be just like old times.  They packed their belongings, and headed over to Jim’s house.  Jim was glad to see them both, but he considered himself too old to go on anymore adventures.  Jim’s daughter wanted to go though.  She ran up and packed and they all said their goodbye’s to Jim and headed on their way.  They were heading west, to explore even more new territories.


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