We have come to know that dinosaurs originally ruled the Earth. It has been said that the meteor had destroyed their existence and afterward humans came. Is the the real order of sequence?

There could have been people inhabiting the Earth long before the dinosaurs. The meteor could have wiped out the human race or the dinosaurs could have evolved from the collision with the humans. The meteor could have even brought the dinosaurs from another planet, not necessarily on a “flaming rock”, but could have brought a biological substance within it that had reacted with the help of heat of our atmosphere, acting as an inhibitor. This could have truly been the start of all organisms here on Earth. The only continent was Pangaea. The meteor might have been the start of the breaking up of this continent. The meteor could have spawned any nature on this planet.

Some people are obsessed with the idea of aliens. What if we are aliens ourselves? If another planet in another galaxy was dying and the only chance for the inhabitants survival was to move to another planet, wouldn’t you want to move to another planet to save your lives? This alien race cannot survive on this planet, maybe for reasons such as no more natural resources to support life. The only ideal for the inhabitants is to move as many people as possible. Now these aliens move toward the center of their planet (imagine if you will the world being somewhat like the Matrix, in which the exterior of the planet will not support life). They need a way of moving through space, but do not have any equipment that will allow them to move the amount of citizens safely. They decide that the only option is to move the planet itself. There really isn’t a way to move the planet from one galaxy to the next, though. They induce an explosion at the core of their planet so they can use pieces of their planet (meteors) to live on while traveling through space. They won’t try to save everyone, just a good portion to be able to procreate while on their journey. All the pieces of the planet move in different directions and they might still be moving through space or they were lucky enough to collide with another planet and evolve their race.

Earth could have been a lifeless planet until the meteor had collided with Earth. We could be the evolved offspring of an alien race that was only trying to save itself. We are killing our planet now as technology advances and while we consumer all the world’s natural resources. We could one day have to do the same to keep our own race alive.


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