Freakonomic Views

I’m in the process of reading Freakonomics, only the third chapter at this point. It’s really interesting to read about America and deceit and drugs and the KKK and real-estate agents. That’s about it so far in the book.

I read a part about dealing crack in Chicago and they made it into an economic standard. It listed the amount of revenues that the Black Disciples had earned and their leader who made it into the board of directors but then later was indicted and sent to prison. One member of the gang kept books on all dealings and the books were given to someone who in turn gave them to an economist. The title of the chapter is “why do drug dealers still live with their moms?” The information was sorted out into a hierarchy of jobs just like any other profession. Foot soldiers made about 3.30 an hour (lower than minimum wage) and the leader made about 50 an hour. They also had taxes (non-government of course) expenses and other off-the-books dealings and weapons.

Just think if drugs were legalized.

The world of jobs is being downsized to the point that robots and computers will be able to do all the work. People would become bored and want to try new things and now there isn’t law enforcement to interfere with their decision. More people would do them because the moral obligation to be upheld isn’t there anymore. Some will still think of it as a sin, but a lot more will follow on the band-wagon.

Since crack takes less cocaine to make and offers the same high, it would be the inexpensive route to take (“only a couple dollars a hit”) and it could be bought in mass quantity at a cheaper rate. The prices would range accordingly within each neighborhood. The more people buying means more money to each leader. The board of directors (kind of like the schools) would be there to advise the leaders. They would also receive a percentage of the profit of each gang (….or group…or union?). Anyone at the top of this hierarchy is the richest. So in turn the foot soldiers would receive more than minimum wage and could make a living. Police could be there to prevent wars between and to keep everything stable (but of course i’m sure they won’t). People will make a living off any substances others are willing to buy.

What are people here for really? We’re destroying the planet more each day. If technology improves greatly to the point of not needing humans to help out on the assembly line then we have more leisure time and time to be with other people. What if all jobs were construed over the internet? Why not sit back and relax with a little free-basing? Obviously if technology is better then there should less pollutants in the world (maybe even less materialistic). Everyone should be free to enjoy themselves as they please.

To get technical:
The government would monitor the drug deals to ensure that people won’t OD and that each person can afford it and not lose their house or any other belongings.

I don’t want to get any more technical than that. Of course I haven’t thought too deep into this to create other circumstances that will definitely arise. Enjoy this, I don’t want your hate mail.


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