To find happiness we must realize our strengths. We have to use our strengths to find more fulfillment. The more generous acts we complete we can acquire higher sensations of contentment. Flow, a widely recognized psychological state, is the total absorption that occurs when a person is involved in an activity. When one identifies his/her “signature strength” it in turn leads to more flow.

Happiness is something that can be learned, but it is a choice. I will have to learn what my own strengths are and I will have to pursue my own dreams of happiness. I will have to be strong to choose that path and if I am weak, I won’t be as happy as I could. Positive thinking is also a key factor in finding happiness. I would have to learn to choose to be optimistic about everything that happens to me and in turn I would have taught myself to be happy. When other negative situations arise I will naturally adjust to them with an optimistic view. It will form out of habit.

For me to connect with myself and my flow I have to be shown creativity. I have to teach myself how to increase my strength to advance, but I also have to be motivated. If I was shown how to paint and was told to mimic the painting, I would have to “want” to do it. If I was forced to do it, I don’t think I would have any flow. It has to be my choice to create an identical painting. If I can motivate myself to create this painting and to “do my best” I am creating flow while being involved in such an activity.

Happiness is a “mind over matter” situation. I can argue with myself to put effort into my everyday life and I will learn to be happy.


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