Taming of the Shrew

(From Act III Scene II of the Taming of the Shrew)

Bianca:  “That, being mad herself, she’s madly mated.”

Gremio:  “I warrant him, Petruchio is Kated.”

It is amazing how society changes in every aspect of life throughout time.  The way we hear, view, and feel things is so different than just a few hundred years ago.  So what, exactly, is the reason for this change?  Is this a change for the better?

When plays were first becoming popular the stage was empty.  There were no visual elements that created the “scene” for the audience.  Plays were meant to be heard.  The actors didn’t even wear proper garments according to the times they were depicting within the play.  No plays were historically accurate and yet the audience loved them (or hated).

The plays we view now have sets for the audience to have visual clues as to what is happening.  Society has changed from hearing a play to seeing a play; which is two very different things.  For us to be so educated in this age, we seem to have forgotten how to hear.  No one listens yet we cannot shut up.  We pay more attention to “seeing” a problem than we do to listen as to what is really going on.  No one seems to realize that this is a problem, or can become one for future generations.

On another note, in the 16th century society looked upon fatness in equality to wealth.  The fatter a person was, they wealthier they were….they could afford food unlike the poor who starved to death.

Today we look upon materialism as an indication of a person’s wealth.  Since most everyone can afford food, we judge each other by what we own.  The more we own, the wealthier we are.

When did society start caring about what we have instead of what we need?


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