Afternoon Joy Ride

At the first break in the spring weather, I am anxiously awaiting a bus home from work. I am on the corner watching the cars pass by with each stop and go light change. As the bus pulls up, a few of the other riders step up to the curb. I get in line. As I am waiting I see this light, sky-blue rusted truck drive by. Inside the bed there is a rather large shaggy dog, whom is quite dirty. He runs back and forth, side-to-side, around in circles. The dog is eager to be outside in the warm weather, as am I.

The truck was heading towards south. I get on the bus, pleased that this dog is enjoying the weather and reassuring myself that I will get to enjoy the weather soon too. I sit and I keep my head in a book as usual on my daily rides to and from work. I have a never ending reading list due to school and the bus rides give me 15 minutes of reading each way. As we approach the lower east side, the bus stops at the Farwell Point and I briefly look out the window and see the same rusted truck, the same overly-excited dog pass by going south…again.

How is it that they have the time to go on a joy ride? How is it that they had made a huge circle so quick to beat my bus to this stop which is the halfway point of my house?

I am so involved with school this semester that I don’t even have time to sit and think outside of my homework. Summer will come soon enough, as it is already the second day of spring break. I can’t wait for the simple two months of relaxation before my final involved year of my undergrad.


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