The Most Important Thing You Must Consider…

I was walking home from a personal essay writing workshop while walking in the direction of the setting sun. With the change in time the sun sets later and it seems to set longer. My walk home seemed longer when someone, who I didn’t even notice out of the corner of my eye because the sun shone so bright, handed me a small pamphlet. “Where will you spend all eternity?” I read that and this is something that I need not worry about just yet. I am no offended that I received this in a University setting because I grew up in a Christian faith. I really wonder how the people who handout these types of things don’t get ridiculed or yelled at or anything to the extreme.  I’m sure they might offend someone at some point during the day.

As I look back on this sudden exchange, the man was faceless to me, and I only remember an arm stretched out toward me with this pamphlet and my sudden shock of surprise that I grabbed it and went on my way. I opened it to the inside to see the first reason “1. You have sinned against God”. I folded it up and kept on walking and now I am at work looking at this again.

If all students enter college at an average age of 18, would we not have already come to terms with our own religious faith or lack thereof?

I know that sinning is against God’s will and I also know that as long as I repent my sins that I am forgiven for them.

I guess my question to this faceless man is “why me?” Maybe I have been sinning too much and this is a sign.  Or I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to receive this. I could’ve said no but I was so caught up in my own thoughts to even notice someone else. It just happened so fast.

Do I believe in signs?

I don’t know. Maybe I should contemplate the meaning of my life a little more because, after all, I could die today.


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