Class Schedule Fall 2009

So today starts it all. Today is my first day back to school. Today is the first day of my last year attending UW-Milwaukee. I only have to deal with 15 credits this fall and next spring I should only have 12 left before I graduate. This semester should be harder with all the reading I’ll have to do but I don’t have to study for my GRE because I took that in April. Now all that is left is to find a couple professors to write my recommendations for graduate schools.

My classes are as follows:

Art of Fiction (Literature of Magic)- I get to read novels that deal with magic…yes, Harry Potter, among other authors such as C. S. Lewis, Alice Hoffman, Shakespeare and John Updike. I get a grade and this counts for my major?? I never would have thought loving Harry Potter would help me graduate. Its probably already my favorite class.

Fiction Workshop – Probably reading a few pieces but mostly writing my own pieces or working on one story the entire semester

Zine and Screen – I get to make books for this class out of my own pieces. Hello creativity.

Information Architecture III – I already took the first two and this is my last course dealing with creating/designing webpages. This is part of my nerd degree.


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