Appeal of J.K. Rowling

"J.K. Rowling: A Year in the Life" - 7/16/09
J.K Rowling used an ingenious narrative while creating the Harry Potter series. She took an average adolescent and pushed him into this new world. We, as readers, get to experience this push of Harry’s into the Wizarding World. We, as readers and muggles, have never experienced what her version of this world entails. We have no knowledge of magic just like Harry didn’t. We can relate to the main character so well. Rowling even makes the transition so easily understood as we root for Harry throughout the epic battles he faces in her series. Rowling takes a non-magical person and submerges them into her books…she enchants her audience.

The appeal of her books besides her narrative and witty writing is the magical element. She created another world that coincides with our own. She made the magic in her narrative as believable as possible: that all of this could be right outside our door.

If Rowling’s world was the Medical World then her audience would be learning about the insides of medical school. This would be more factually based on what happens in medical school. It would be rather boring and not imaginative compared to magic. Events that happen in the medical world are explained and documented and real. When people read fiction they like to “escape” from their own lives and enter into another that can amuse, frighten, adore or even anger. Yes, medical school can fall under those categories but I don’t think Harry Potter and the Physician’s Scalpel would have sold nearly as many copies as the Philosopher’s Stone has. It is the allure of the unknown and the unexplainable that has brought us back book after book.


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