Things I Dislike

1. People who sharpen their pencils slowly.
2. Stores that check your receipt as you exit, making you feel like a criminal.
3. Mean cats.
4. Disease.
5. Celery (unless it has peanut butter and raisins on top)
6. Food service employees who assume that when you said, “No onions,” you were lying.
7. Mysterious warm sections in pools.
8. The phrase, “We need to give it 110%.”
9. Blisters on the back of the ankle caused by new shoes.
10. Tiny cups of coleslaw served at diners.
11. Back-of-the-knee sweat.
12. Televised poker.
13. The Hills on MTV.
14. Fluctuating speed limits on long stretches of heavily patrolled road.
15. Popped collars.
16. Park benches that are still wet from the storm that came through about two hours ago.
17. Anti-matter. (This isn’t an annoyance, but instead, is something that should not exist.)
18. Product placement visible in most TV shows and movies.
19. Elderly relatives on social networking sites.
20. Bathroom stalls that don’t have doors.
21. Any arcade game or toy vending machine that costs more than 25 cents.
22. Traffic. (Especially if the cause of the traffic is a mystery even after the traffic jam eases up.)
23. People who tell you about the concert that you didn’t go to.
24. The last 20 minutes of Peter Jackson’s The Return of the King (other than the last part, it’s a pretty cool movie).
25. Running out of things.
26. People who mis-write words like “your, you’re, their, there, they’re”.


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