49 Days Later

It has been 49 days since I deleted my facebook. Technically I deactivated it. That means that I can login any time I want and my full profile will be there. So I can have it back just as if nothing changed. Except that my last wall comment would be from August.

I got rid of it because I was tired of being caught up in other peoples drama. I was tired of viewing everyone’s two thousand plus pictures. It was a waste of hours online that I could’ve been doing something else. Something more productive. Which really never happens.

So far I’ve kept my room entirely organized, actually got to keep up with my weekly readings for my classes, spend time doing absolutely nothing, not got enough sleep, start, spend time with my future husband. I guess its not much different with or without it at this point. I was just tired of being involved in everyone else’s life when I pay so little attention to my own.

Since I quit I’ve found that I like to cook. And that I’m decent at it. I’ve had more time to be creative. Although I don’t find much time to write. I feel like I am always hurrying my writing instead of developing. I’m forcing it to become something it wasn’t meant to be. Like this posting: it only took me about 10 minutes to write. It could’ve taken me longer to develop something more meaningful, to elaborate on many topics, to make it sound more blissful. Instead I wrote it straight through and I didn’t even edit.

I don’t have to worry about people tagging me in horrible pictures or censoring myself to my family. It one less thing that I have to worry about. I should have done this last semester before I took my GRE’s. It wouldn’t have made me study any better but I wouldn’t be as distracted as I was. Even though I thought this was going to be hard and even though I thought I was going to miss it–I don’t.

I’m fine without it.

This doesn’t mean I won’t get it back later. I most likely will. I probably most definitely will. When I graduate and move away I’ll want to be connected to my friends I’ve left behind–not all of them, but most.


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