Freud Relations within Harry Potter

The id is the portion that seeks to get our basic needs met. It acts on the pleasure principle in which it avoids unpleasant outcomes.

Ron Weasley’s choices are based on the basic principles of life. He seeks to meet his needs of food, sleep, and laziness. He seeks instant gratification and would be a representation of the cartoon devil hovering above Harry’s shoulder. Ron is never afraid to be terrified because he generally feels that way in those hectic situations the trio gets themselves into. He isn’t one to take charge and naturally succumbs to his feelings. It’s only fit that Ron is a ginger due to his characteristic hotheadedness.

The Superego is the moral part of us and develops due to the moral and ethical restraints placed on us by our caregivers. Many equate the superego with the conscience as it dictates our belief of right and wrong.

Hermione Granger is rational, conscientious, and parental in every decision she makes. She would be a representation of the cartoon angel hovering over Harry’s other shoulder to guide him in the morally correct direction. She is constantly bickering with Ron, the id, because of his lack of intelligence and motivation for morals.

The ego works to please the id while taking into account the reality of the situation. The ego understands the impact of being selfish.

Harry Potter seeks to find some way to balance out the theoretical angel and devil in the pursuit to make good choices. Harry doesn’t always find himself similar to Hermione’s quest for moral dignity and he doesn’t give into his emotions as much as Ron while also be considerably more reasonable. Viewing him as the “better” of the two halves would be an insult because Harry wouldn’t be able to defeat the Dark Lord without their constant nagging, intuition and friendship.

These three characters, also known as a power trio, thrive off of each other. Separate, they wouldn’t accomplish much in the way of their destiny within the novels. They wouldn’t survive without each other and there wouldn’t be much of a story to tell if these characters weren’t designed the way J.K. Rowling made them out to be. Together they create a balance of light and knowledge which helps one other in the dire situations they encounter during their seven years of wizardry.


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