Facebook Elimination Round 2

Once again, I’ve deactivated my facebook account. I have two weeks left until my graduate school application deadline and I have barely started writing my essays. I also have a 3-week 3-credit course that begins the day before my application deadline. Then I have a 3-day break before my spring semester begins.

I’ve applied for May graduation and I hope that this deactivation will allow me to focus more on what is necessary: getting the grades to graduate. The 49 days I had my account deactivated this past fall helped me get organized for the entire fall semester. I had one month of school free from the pesky distraction that facebook has come to be.

I still don’t blog as much as I used to; I guess my mind wanders too much to keep the thoughts on one subject long enough to draft a post. I am more articulate in my course online posts than I am in my own blogging. What does this say about my writing skills? I certainly lack the inspiration for writing on my own because of the many distractions that surround me.


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