Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette Breakfast
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While watching the movie Marie Antoinette, my eyes were immediately attracted to the center of the frame in the breakfast scenes were Marie and Louis were at the table. For them, eating breakfast was a social setting because most of Versailles stood surrounding them were only there to wait on them. The people in the background blend into the walls, almost as if they were the background. The camera gave the scene a social setting with a full shot camera view. The camera angle was at eye level. There wasn’t a dominant color in this scene, as most of the clothing was pastel, but the main characters both wore a pastel blue.

The people in the background are arranged shoulder to should and slightly staggered so they fill the empty space in the frame. This particular scene is highly detailed with Marie and Louis are centrally framed by the arched doorways, on either side, along with the people aligned against the wall. The two people in the foreground are also proportionately framing the main characters as well.

This is a closed form scene because, while the people in the background and the foreground are moving around, the actors always end up in the original framed setup to balance the scene. The framing is loose because Marie and Louis do not move around. The people surrounding them were not supposed to eat with them because of social ranking within the palace.

The depth is composed of three planes: foreground, background, and mid-ground. Foreground and background frame the mid-ground so the viewers’ eyes are directed to it. The character placement is in the center of the frame. The characters in the mid-ground face the camera front-on. There is personal distance between people in each plane and there is social distance between each plane. In the close-up view of the mid-ground the main characters are framed by the food, which is now the foreground of the scene.

But besides from the symmetrical art of the film by director Sophia Coppola, the soundtrack is quite fun. Featured artists are Adam and the Ant, Siouxie and the Banshees, The Cure and The Strokes This is a 2006 movie and I don’t especially care for Kirsten Dunst due to familiars referring to my partial similar appearance to her and her crooked teeth, but I love everything about the film.


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