Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo

Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo is a 1958 suspense film. It is also known as one of his masterpieces even though there were mixed reviews after it was released.

The movie is about a retired detective in San Francisco. The detective’s name is Scottie, played by James Stewart. Scottie leaves the force after the death of another cop while chasing a criminal across rooftops. An old friends hires Scottie while being unemployed for services to his wife Madeleine, played by Kim Novak. Scottie’s friend believes that Madeleine has a mental illness in which is possessed by a spirit of someone that is dead.

Scottie is skeptical, but follows her around for a while. After several days for peculiar behavior, she faints and falls into a lake. Scotties retrieves her from the water and brings her to his apartment. He lets her dry off by the fire and the two fall in love at this time and strange things being to happen.

Chuck Klosterman says it best though, “It’s about every man’s inherent obsession with attractive, psychologically damaged women.  But for its first twenty minutes, Vertigo is about something else–it’s about surveillance, and about how not knowing what’s happening increases the phenomenon of attraction.”


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