How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

I haven’t particularly cared much for DreamWorks Animation films over time since I grew up with Disney and am a fanatic for the princess stereotypes. The Road to El Dorado, all the Shrek films, Madagascar, and Over the Hedge all had great sarcastic dialogue which made me watch the movies several times. The dialogue How to Train Your Dragon was no exception either. In fact, the sarcasm was the best part about the film if not for Toothless.

DreamWorks Animation is usually very dull in plot, but they always deliver their punch lines—I guess this is good for children. Hiccup, the main character in How to Train Your Dragon, is the underdog who tries to prove that he’s worth something in his Viking world of Berk. His father and Chief, Stoick (voiced by Gerard Butler), expects his puny son to follow in his footsteps and become a great dragon slayer. This pretty much sums up the complexity of the plot for the film.

If it wasn’t for the cute Night Fury dragon named Toothless, I don’t think I could endure watching the entire film. When I first saw Hiccup fly with Toothless, I got a déjà vu of the banshees in Avatar. Part of every young Na’vi training is to train a banshee, and now that Berk accepts dragons as pets, it will be customary for every young Viking to train their dragon.


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