Confectionery Shop

He used to tell me sweet words that taste good to my ear
Then feed me comfort food he had made that would take away my fear
But the fruit he would use, was ever so sweet
That eventually it started to give my heart a cavity
His dishes were exquisite, skills unmatched
But he would taste other fruit
And I’ll just leave it at that
He was good, yes indeed, true; he had good sweets for days
He was so skilled that he’d pass “too-cooked” dishes as soufflés
Confectionery, so good
You’d come back for another taste
Till he changed the ingredients and I stopped shopping at that place

I saw this article on TheBeatThatMyHeartSkipped‘s blog today entitled Theurel and Thomas, a Mexican patisserie.  Anyways, while the macarons pop in vivid colors against the stark white, I think the setting is almost too white.  I’d be afraid to get anything dirty.  It reminds me of a germ-free zone.  I still want to eat them all.

Theurel & Thomas


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