No Absense of Creativity

Do people who presume they are insane/not all there better in life creatively?

I mean I have many great qualities on my creative side. I do really well whatever I put my mind to. I love to create anything. I’ve hand-painted a mural on a coffee table. I used to sketch/draw a lot in high school and now I’m down to doodling. I love to scrap book because each page is a select event from my life. I’m really big on decorating because when I choose something for my room/house I put a lot of deep thought into the thing itself and its placement in the room.

Even my Halloween costume this year is going to be create. I’m a dead nurse. This require me to be creative in my costume with making it dirty and bloody. Also my makeup needs to be great too. Being creative with makeup is also fun.

I mention the insane/not all there because I feel like I have so much going on in my life and I’m getting worn down. I feel like I’m going insane sometimes because of my rigorous schedule. I don’t think that I’m all there in my mind because it frequently wanders. I don’t get much done lately because of its sporadic absence. It’s just that I’ve never thought of myself for being so creative before and now that I have friends who have seen my works they all tell me that its wonderful and that they like it. Its nice to be appreciated.