Earth Day

What if heaven was the time of dinosaurs? It was peaceful and tranquil and they lived off the land. Dinosaurs were the species that our minds/thoughts came from. And what are we? An infectious disease that came from the meteor that hit the planet – Pangaea.

The scenery was an island in the middle of the ocean at the equator, the warmest spot, and then it broke up because the axis of the planet turned when it collided with the meteor. The moving of the continents caused a shift in the land. The pieces would soon hit an underwater volcano and stop there. The land started flourishing along with the new water temperatures and their floating positions. When the dinosaurs died and rotted another breed of disease ridden animals were born. People were next in the evolutionary line because they just kept growing. They had been given a chance in the beginning Adam/eve. They themselves could have heaven and live in a wondrous garden. They chose to procreate. They decided to spread the infectious disease known as man. They had good intentions though. They wanted someone else to experience this heaven and wanted to instill that goodness in their offspring. Now here we are, 2007, and there still is a disease ridden Earth full of humans. We are only here to pollute this planet. If there are life forms out there in the universe, I hope they are treating their planet better than we have. I hope they never come into contact with this planet and I hope we are never able to explore other planets to find any existing life forms either. We should do this planet a favor and start living off the land instead of killing it.

Celebrate Earth Day.

Don’t destroy it.