October 14, 2009


I gave in to activating my Facebook account yesterday. Peer pressure is just not a good thing. After spending two months without it I still don’t feel the need to be on it. I think I just needed a good amount of time away to prove to myself that it was a distraction. And it was.

As soon as I logged in I felt the need to update my profile information as well as delete some people I haven’t talked to or seen in a long time. Creepers. Then I had to go and add all the new members of the sorority because I can’t remember any of their names.

But since that fateful evening of spending three hours on my account I have only spent a total of 20 minutes checking it. That’s good. I still don’t feel the urge to go on there. Before I deactivated my account it would be an automatism. If I was trying to remember something I had to do, before I could remember the actual link I would already be on Facebook checking out the Bumper Stickers.

Giving in doesn’t necessarily feel like a loss for me but I do feel slightly relieved. I am relieved of the pressure of my friends constantly belittling me because I was doing something for my well-being. I was also doing something noble because I know very few people that would ever do what I did just to somewhat improve on my grades.

Beware of your obsessions. They creep on you just as you would on Facebook.