Cell, Bull, & Reality

One of the most annoying technological advancements is the Bluetooth hands-free headset for a cell phone. It may be suitable for driving, I’d say a must, but while walking around a store or downtown somewhere, no one wants to see you talking to yourself. You look like a imbecile. It probable takes 10 calories to pull that 2 oz electronic out of your pocket and hold it up to your ear. The worst thing ever is standing in line and listening to someone having a conversation on their phone, especially while checking out. It takes maximum 10 minutes to check out, is your life that busy that you can’t spare that time? Granted I do talk unnecessarily loud on a phone while in line, but I get off well before I have to interact with another person. You are not important, so put down the phone. The person on the other end probably wants to watch TV anyways, let them be free. Besides, you’ll end up with some kind of radioactive brain cancer.

Why are there commercials on TV that promote the sales of texting to receive a ring tone or some wallpaper for your phone? Most waste of 28 seconds out there. I don’t even watch commercials anymore because some are becoming so ridiculous. No I do not want a police siren ring tone and I definitely do not want a cat with bling for my wallpaper. You are retarded if you fall for these scams. Maybe you should have bought a better phone, one that you are able to add a mini SD to it so you can download your own songs for free (i.e. limewire) and crop your own pictures so you’re not wasting precious money. Use that extra money to afford your education; because if you’re buying those you haven’t gone to school long enough.

Why are their reality television shows? We are only promoting the uneducated. We are also glamorizing them at their ability to come up with dumb unscripted comments all their own. I do watch America’s Next Top Model, but I agree that the phase is ending. There has been nothing exciting in the people that were chosen, not enough girl fights. The only action between them is that a diva harasses an autistic girl. This is just cruel. It’s just as cruel as the writers going on strike. Why are the ultra-rich conglomerate corporations denying the writers, the people with the ideas, extra money? I’m sure they wipe their ass with the salary the writers receive. These writers are producing some good shows (i.e. Lost, House, & newcomer Pushing Daisies). It seems like every other week the program is already playing a repeat. These shows are already doomed, but I want to see how the story prevails over a couple seasons to deem it reasonable to be watching. Lost doesn’t start until January, and this means that eager fans have been without their addiction since May. This raises the few eyebrows that the show won’t last much longer, but not only did it skip half a season it also going to be on air during the basketball season. How many games are going to be replacing the Wednesday night lineup? Without these shows and the one hit wonders, what will television become? If it’s reality from here on out, then I’d gladly get another job to support a writer. They create the “other realm” in TV land. Let us have our imagination!