Wall Climbing Sofa

I’m a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland and this chair screams curiouser and curiouser to me. This wall-climbing sofa by Lila Jang is the perfect for that odd corner of the house where no other furniture fits. That is, of course, if you can find it to buy it. It was part of 2007’s contemporary art exhibition Parcours Saint Germain in Paris.

Although I don’t necessarily think this would be a good addition to any home, it is quite is interesting piece. I also don’t think it would be comfortable unless you could somehow curl up in it with a good book. And it would make a bold statement in a small room.


WallyWorld Conundrum

I have been a long-time shopper at Walmart. They have never been considered a horrible franchise in my mind. I have talked to too many people that won’t step foot in these stores because it is considered either (a) social suicide or (b) just plain bad to endorse this kind of company. I believe that this company creates a lot of careers for people of any age. Not only could you be a greeter and stand around offering customer carts all day, but anyone could retrieve carts all day or work in any of the numerous departments they have. For being one of the most despised companies in the United States, they are the leading company here with over 5,000 stores. Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm quotes “Walmart is the most efficient retail store in the industry, achieving sales of $28 per square foot, compared to its closest competitor, Target, at $23 a square foot, with other retail firms producing less than $12 a square foot” (Laudon, Kenneth C., 11). The people who run the entire business at the corporate level achieve operational excellence while performing their duties. Accusations have been made about Walmart’s associates earning wages that are far below the poverty line.

Isn’t this true of most businesses? Starting wages are usually at minimum wage at other grocery stores. Why is Walmart the only grocery store being targeted? We’ve raised our minimum wage before, but still no one can live on it. This should say something about the cost of living, not about corporations that pay the minimum wage; which is set by the Government. This makes a statement about the kind of Government we have in America. We want to ruin a strategically well-run business because of the laws that the Government issues. If Walmart associates don’t earn enough to support a family, then maybe they should look into finding a new job or another job to make ends meet. It’s not Walmart’s fault that they are paying their employees the national average.

If Walmart wants their employees to work “off-the-clock” without breaks, it is the employees job to stop them and say “HEY, I NEED A BREAK!” They have a right to say no and if the employees aren’t exercising their right, I think it’s their own fault. As for health care issues in this company if the employee is eligible for it but cannot support a family on their wages, how are they able to afford the health care? Tough Shit. Health care is expensive everywhere. I think the Government is portraying the survival of the fittest without supplying a national health care plan. Its a whole “let’s get rid of people in America because our national average of citizens is too high.” Our country shouldn’t be treating us this way and we shouldn’t be targeting Walmart because they are making savvy business decision based on making money. Every other company does some not so spectacular decision-making and most companies fall for their selfish endeavors. Walmart is still standing with their low prices, Always.