My Favorite Articles of 2013

1. You don’t need it! How to Stop Buying so many “Wants”.
2. In Defence of GOMI
3. The most surreal places to travel.
4. Stop Justifying Your Spending Yes’s
5. Stop Lying to Yourself: How to Change That Voice in Your Head
6. Seven Rules for Managing Creative-But-Difficult People
7. 30 Things to Tell a Book Snob
8. Why Plane Tickets Cost So Much
9. How to Live Without Irony
10. ‘Adulting’ Author Kelly Williams Brown’s Open Letters to the Girls of ‘Girls’ on How to Grow Up
11. The Psychology of Workout Music
12. Never Give Stores Your Zip Code
13. How to Pay Off Your Debt Using the Stack Method
14. Blogging // A Cautionary Tale
15. Does Fashion Blogging Make You a Shopping Addict? Yes. Yes, it does.